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Now offering Paint to Match Sharkfin Antennas

Our Antennas are made here in the USA

Innovative Stealth Antenna Systems and Solutions Custom Made



Custom Manufactured Disguised Embedded Hidden Covert Surveillance Antenna Systems

Original Designers / Manufacturers of  Embedded Covert Solutions, Sweptback Antennas , Stealth Blade, GM-Chrysler-Toyota-Hyundai Satellite Style Replacements  

Does your Car Look like this to others?

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You Tube Video featuring our antenna for the 2014 Ford Explorer

Sharkfins are Now Available in Paint to Match NEW ADDITION

Wide Band Sharkfin

VHF UHF 700 800 900

Multi Band Disguised Antenna VHF UHF 700-800-900

Multiband Antenna on Euro Style Base Toyota Volkswagon Honda

Multiband Antenna on OEM Chrysler /  Dodge Base

Multiband Antenna on OEM Ford Base






Toyota Matrix Covert Solution

Toyota  LEXUS Sharkfin Disguised

9c1 2011 2012 Chevy Police Impala Covert Solution Supports Factory GPS Navigation -Available in Single Dual or Three Band VHF UHF 700-800 Configurations

Looking for a Replacement for the VHF 135-180 380-520 700/800 Mhz Patch Antenna?  We Make One!!

Actual Full Bandwidth coverage on VHF not 1-Mhz. Silver Plated Copper Radiators with Teflon Coating. Call.

TSCM People;  Looking for a COVERT BROADBAND Antenna  ? We Have your Antenna !

GOT Laptop computers MDT ect that need location?

Need Antenna Plus GPS Receiver? GOT it!

760-950 and 1.7-1.9 Ghz LTE PCS bands with USB GPS receiver Module Inside Base.

Available also as 2..4 / 5.7 Ghz Lan Antenna as well. Mounts in 3/4" hole comes with drivers on Mini CD, Your choice of connectors and cable lengths made to order. Less Money than APG1000 or APG100, better antenna gain factor. More Rugged. Replaces OnsTar antenna already in place and Unused in a good number of vehicles made by GM, No extra holes.


Disguised Ford Roof Mount Styles

Available with Satellite Radio Antenna built in, GPS USB receiver Single Band Dual Band Three Band



Sonata Style Sharkfin , mounts in 3/4" hole

Generic Fender Mount Antenna

Digital Radio Rated  Antennas Designed for APCO Project 25 ,  NEXEDGE /NXDN - IDAS , TETRA, MOTOTRBO, HARRIS AEGIS, PROVOICE, MBITR

NOW Adding SINCGARS  - LOS - SATCOM Military systems

Manufactured in 25-950 Mhz 29-88 Mhz 135-180 Mhz ; 260-340 Mhz; 340-520 Mhz 760-950Mhz  1500 Mhz GPS  1800 / 1900 Mhz

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Ultrawideband 25-950 Mhz Helical wound Antenna for Interoperability 50 watts max power


Covert Roof Mount Disguised Stealth Antennas that mount in a 3/4" hole. Single, Dual and Tri band versions available.

NOW Available with USB based 20 Chan GPS Receiver inside base

144-174 Mhz /370-520 Mhz / 740-950 Mhz  Single or Dual Band,On-Star replacement 

 available with GPS and Sirius-XM patch antenna. Stealth Blade antenna. Also available in Military grade low observability  coating that reduces light reflection. Mounts into 3/4 hole on center or side of roof. 10 Mhz Bandwidth on VHF / 35 Mhz Bandwidth on UHF / 760-950 entire band

NOW Available with USB based GPS Receiver Inside base


740-950 Mhz  and 1.9 Ghz Euro Sweptback Stinger


136-180 Mhz 370-520 Mhz 740-950 Mhz


406-520 Mhz  or 740-950 Mhz Available with GPS / XM Sirius Radio PATCH ANTENNA TOO

NOW Available with USB Based GPS Receiver Inside Base

GMC Acadia VHF UHF 700 800 1.9 Ghz  GPS  4 BAND ANTENNA

OEM  Replacement Antenna System Maintains On-Star Functionality

150-174, 406-520, 740-868 Mhz and GPS all at the same time in one antenna

20 Mhz Bandwidth in VHF, 40 Mhz in UHF , all 700-800 Mhz /1.9 GHz and GPS

with AM/FM output or Scanner Receiver output too

Now Available with GPS receiver output to USB Too


Embedded  Style Antenna is now available in new Bands

136-158 Mhz * New band Range

146-162 Mhz * New band Range

150-174 Mhz Standard  Range

130-180 Mhz Enhanced Range

136-158 Mhz / 380-400 Mhz dual New band Range single radio

136-158 Mhz / 432-449 Mhz dual* New band Range single radio band

136-158 Mhz / 453-489 Mhz dual * New band Range single radio dual band

136-180 / 380-400 Mhz dual *New band Range dual radio

140-180 Mhz / 406-420 Mhz Standard dual radio range

140-180 Mhz / 450-482 Mhz Standard dual radio range


Let us make you a custom Antenna

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Hyundai Disguised Replacements Now Available


Malibu Series Onstar Replacement Disguised

740-868 Mhz and  1.8 to 2.0 Ghz

Antenna with USB GPS receiver in Base



Malibu Series Antennas



This Months Install

2008 Dodge Charger

140-180 Mhz Installed with a Motorola XTL5000 110watt Mobile





380-512 Mhz Wideband 150 Watt

SatCom  Disguised Shark Fin





Dodge Charger / Sebring Style !








Hit Counter


The newer cars used by law enforcement usually have no visible radio antennas to disguise. The crooks are on to our clunky competitors models!

Factory AM/FM Disguised Replacement

We Also Manufacture, for Vehicles having Factory External Antennas, One, Two and Three Band O.E.M. Mast Antennas to Replace the Factory Rod Antenna, Including a Built In AM/FM Broadcast Coupler Without the usual Degradation of Your Entertainment Radio.

      NEW!  For vehicles that have factory  FENDER ANTENNAS,  we have   replacement            Disguised Antennas for Single, Dual or Three Band systems, including a built-in AM/FM Broadcast Coupler  that works without the normal degradation of your Goodtime Radio reception! We manufacture a variety Cellular look alike and Roof / Fender Mount Antennas that are exact matches for your car or Truck even Asian and European models. We also do custom conversions of power antennas for surveillance use.  We are also making available Discone style tactical style antennas for field use. Please call with your needs..



       150 MHz.   400 MHz.  and  800 MHz. Bands. ( AM/FM Broadcast Coupler Included )



(Manufacturers of The Diversity License Plate Antenna Systems)

NEW! Disguised EURO "STINGER" Swept back style ROOF TOP Antennas for Single, Dual or Three Band systems!




Please, friends don't let friends use glass mount antennas.


URGENT: NON-Disguised Glass Mounts and UN-Factory Universal Fender Mounts Could cost you your  Life!

A Los Angeles area police officer while on surveillance was shot at by a suspect who made the vehicle he was driving . While the officers window was shattered the officer was unharmed. This event highlights the hazards of using Cheap-O Glass-mount Antennas or Universal Fender Mount antennas on your agencies cars.

We know that salesmen from Mo_____ are  pushing these glass-mount antennas and universal mount antennas onto customers, sometimes even writing into contracts that the installation wont cover installing someone else's antenna (even if its use results in a dangerous situation that compromises your mission ) . Do not be fooled into letting some office bound salesman or purchasing agent risk YOUR LIFE by using an antenna on the outside of a car where one should not be present.

WE feel strongly enough about your safety that we want you to use a TRUE HIDDEN or DISGUISED antenna. We will take any unused 'Other Guys' brand antenna in trade in toward one of our Wideband Disguised Antennas, please call for details. We want you to be safe and not sorry.


The Seven Deadly SINS

1. GLASS MOUNT ANTENNAS- Using a glass mount antenna is a dead-give-a-way. While they are cheap only costing a few dollars and are often added onto your sales contract for the radio, you should reject them and return the antennas for credit either to the manufacturer or to our company and install a true hidden antenna system.

2. UNIVERSAL -GM STYLE FENDER ANTENNAS ON CARS THAT DON'T COME WITH FENDER MOUNT ANTENNAS- I don't know how many times I have personally seen Chevy Impalas and others  with non-factory Universal Mount antennas pass me on the freeway, They might as well be glow in the dark colored as they stand out just as bad. And if they stand out to me I can only imagine how well they stand out to crooks that have been taught in the joint how to spot them.

3. ANTENNAS MOUNTED IN THE PACKAGE TRAY-Lets face it, this is the cheapest and easiest antenna and also the easiest way to get 'burned' in more than one way. Not only are they identifiable from the outside of the car (the baseball hat or tissue box gag is a dead give away) but they expose the officer inside the car to unacceptably high levels of radiation especially on higher power or higher frequency radios, especially if he is on the point in the backseat next to the thing. Resist any use of this dirt cheap and simpleton antenna.

4. PATCH MOUNT ANTENNAS ON THE GLASS- This is another Hodge podge thing that exposes the vehicle occupants to unacceptably high levels of radiation from the radio. High levels of radiation from the radio could result in something like cancer to grow. Studies have shown that your eyes and brain and other organs are susceptible to heating from RF radiation and while power line companies continue to discount and cause confusion, one should not risk their health from something  that is so simple to avoid. Use one of our embedded Bumper / License plate antennas to keep the radio signals where they belong - OUTSIDE THE CAR.

5. ANTENNAS ATTACHED TO THE HEATER WIRES IN THE REAR WINDOW. Believe it or not this idea has been floated and it works like a lead balloon.  In some cases it has caused the windows to crack or the headliner to catch fire.  Glass-mount antennas have also had their coupler box catch the headliners of a car on  fire. Now how covert is that when you are having to put out  a fire in the middle of a surveillance.

6. ANTENNAS THAT LOOK LIKE EGG BEATERS - I don't know what they are thinking about.  Yes, I have actually seen this thing used and they work like .. .. Our Multi-band disguised antennas work heads and tails and don't stand out like this black egg-beater does..  I mean if a discone antenna wont work for a multiband application on a car (LOL) why on earth would someone put this on something.. Come on.

7. HOLDING A PORTABLE RADIO OR MIC WHILE ON SURVEILLANCE.  If someone doing counter-surveillance sees this going on in a car driving by or parked in the hood your show is over, Might as well leave now before someone takes a shot at you. Use one of our Undercover microphone systems that we have been making since 1978 ( ) and one of our TRUE disguised antennas and avoid having your hard work building the case blown out the window or worse having the window shot out.


Magnuson - Moss Warranty Act of 1975

Ever been told that you must have your new radio worked on by the dealer? 
 Or that using non-OEM parts will void your warranty?  Most of us have.
Some owners have wrongfully been denied warranty claims by dealers using the claim 
that some aftermarket part or non-dealer repair has voided their warranty. 
 In most cases nothing could be further from the truth.  
I won't speculate whether some dealers are being dishonest, ignorant, 
or just using scare tactics in an attempt to damage their independent competitors.
 You be the judge of that. 
Legally, a manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a product due to an aftermarket part 
unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure.
In 1975 the US Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss Act to protect consumers. 
 The Magnuson-Moss Act is the federal law that governs consumer product warranties 
and falls under the auspices of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 
 The Act requires manufacturers and sellers of consumer products to provide consumers 
with detailed information about warranty coverage. 
In addition, it affects both the rights of consumers and the obligations of warrantors 
under written warranties.


The Magnuson-Moss Act creates a simplified method of remedy.  Warranty claims must be remedied by the repair
or replacement of affected parts, including labor. If the dealership refuses to do the work as specified under 
the warranty, it is putting the actual warrantor—the manufacturer in breach of the warranty.
(The dealership itself does not automatically become a co-warrantor, though it may be liable 
under other state laws for the merchantability of the product.) Generally speaking, the Act encourages 
informal arbitration of the matter outside the courts, but maintains the consumer's right to file suit
 and loss of value among other things.  And, should he prevail, may recoup reasonable court and attorney's fees.
"Tie-in Sales" provisions are NOT allowed in consumer warranties.  Manufacturers cannot require consumers to purchase items 
or services from a specific dealer in order to keep their warranty valid.  In other words, the consumer cannot
 be required to exclusively use a dealer or a specific brand of parts to maintain the warranty
The manufacturer or dealer CANNOT state that the  warranty is void if services are performed by an independent shop
 or other "brands" of parts are used.
Disclaimer or Modification of Implied Warranties is prohibited.  This means that no matter how broad or narrow 
the manufacturer's written warranty is, the customers will always receive the basic protection of the implied 
warranty of merchantability.  If a dealer sells a consumer product with a written warranty from the product 
manufacturer, but they do not warrant the product in writing, they can disclaim their implied warranties  
(these are the implied warranties under which the dealer, not the manufacturer, would otherwise be responsible).
Congress specified a number of requirements that warrantors must meet. Congress also directed the FTC to 
adopt rules to cover other requirements. The FTC adopted three Rules under the Act, the Rule on Disclosure 
of Written Consumer Product Warranty Terms and Conditions (the Disclosure Rule), the Rule on Pre-Sale Availability 
of Written Warranty Terms (the Pre-Sale Availability Rule), and the Rule on Informal Dispute Settlement Procedures 
(the Dispute Resolution Rule). In addition, the FTC has issued an interpretive rule that clarifies certain terms and 
explains some of the provisions of the Act.
The Act and the Rules establish three basic requirements.  As a warrantor, the manufacturer must designate, 
or title, their written warranty as either "full" or "limited" As a warrantor, they must state certain specified 
information about the coverage of the warranty in a single, clear, and easy-to read document. As a warrantor or a seller,
 the manufacturer and the dealer must ensure that warranties are available where the warranted products are sold 
so that consumers can read them before buying
Two other features of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act are also important to warrantors. First, the Act makes 
it easier for consumers to take an unresolved warranty problem to court. Second, it encourages companies 
to use a less formal, and therefore less costly, alternative to legal proceedings. Such alternatives, known as
 dispute resolution mechanisms, often can be used to settle warranty complaints before they reach litigation.
The Act makes it easier for purchasers to sue for breach of warranty by making breach of warranty a violation 
of federal law, and by allowing consumers to recover court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.
 Because of the stringent federal jurisdictional requirements under the Act, most Magnuson-Moss lawsuits 
are brought in state court. However, major cases involving many consumers can be brought in federal court 
as class action suits under the Act.



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