Isaac Heeney's Brownlow hopes in strife after high hit as Saints stun ladder-leading Swans (2024)

St Kilda has staged a massive AFL upset, beating top side Sydney by two points in Melbourne.

For the second week in a row, Swans forward Logan McDonald missed a late shot on goal and the Saints held on 13.6 (84) to 11.16 (82) on Sunday at Docklands Stadium.

Sydney star Isaac Heeney's Brownlow Medal hopes also might be dashed after he collected opponent Jimmy Webster high in an incident off the ball.

The Saints were five goals down in the third term, but stormed home with nine of the last 11 goals in the game.

Ruckman Rowan Marshall and defenders Jack Sinclair, Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera and Callum Wilkie were among St Kilda's best, while young gun Mattaes Phillipou had an awesome final term in the midfield.

Last week, McDonald missed his shot after the final siren at home and Sydney suffered an upset loss to Fremantle.

This time, his long-range shot late in the final quarter looked good off the boot, but it faded late for a point, which proved the last score of the game.

Sydney's notorious slow starts looked like continuing when the Saints kicked the opening two goals.

But the Swans quickly steadied and scores were level at quarter-time.

With Sydney star Chad Warner kicking two goals, his team broke out to a 25-point lead in the second term and the game looked like going to script.

The margin extended to 30 points early in the third, before the game exploded to life.

The Saints drilled four goals in six minutes to trail by only six points.

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Then Sydney went forward and as Heeney took a mark, Webster was on his knees behind him, holding his face.

Replays showed Heeney swinging his arm back and breaking away from Webster to take possession.

Heeney ran over to Webster immediately after kicking the goal.

The Swans star kicked another goal two minutes later and Sydney had a 19-point buffer at the final change.

But the Saints kicked four goals to nil in the final term to snatch an improbable win, a few days after losing key forward Max King for the rest of the season with a knee injury.

It also comes a week after Port Adelaide beat them by less than a goal at the same venue.

St Kilda was one of three winners on Sunday, as Melbourne easily disposed of the West Coast Eagles at the MCG, while the Brisbane Lions held on in a thriller against Adelaide at the Gabba.

For a full recap of all of Sunday's action as it happened, check out our live blog below.


Key events

  • FT: Brisbane continue winning ways in thriller against Adelaide
  • 3QT: Lions in control, but Keays keeps Crows in it
  • Cameron in trouble after awkward landing

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Live updates



By Luke Pentony

How the ladder looks after Round 17

By Chris De Silva

Here's how your top eight looks after another weekend of movement!

  1. 1.Sydney - 52 pts, 140.8%
  2. 2.Carlton - 44 pts, 116.1%
  3. 3.Fremantle - 42 pts, 115.1%
  4. 4.Essendon - 42 pts, 99.9%
  5. 5.Geelong - 40 pts, 109.7%
  6. 6.Port Adelaide - 40 pts, 104.8%
  7. 7.Brisbane Lions - 38 pts, 120.4%
  8. 8.GWS Giants - 36 pts, 108.6%

Key Event

FT: Brisbane continue winning ways in thriller against Adelaide

By Chris De Silva

A terrific contest at the Gabba ends with Brisbane running out 11-point winners!

It looked like it was going to be a blowout early on in this one, but the Crows were so gallant all afternoon.

That's Brisbane's fifth straight win, and it sends last year's grand finalists into the top eight.

Lachie Neale leads the way for Brisbane with 36 disposals, three goals and 10 clearances. Surely the three votes for the two-time Brownlow Medal winner in that one.

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Walker misses a snap, margin under two goals

By Chris De Silva

Taylor Walker's snap in heavy traffic misses to the right.

The Lions leading by just under two goals with 3.30 left.

Another one to Fogarty, and here come the Crows!

By Chris De Silva

Well, well, well!

Centre clearance from Adelaide and Darcy Fogarty takes another mark inside 50.

He goals and that took 14 seconds.

Two goals in 4.25 the equation for the Crows now.

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Fogarty gives Crows a glimmer of hope

By Chris De Silva

Darcy Fogarty drills a set shot and the Lions lead is cut to 18 points.

Adelaide needs to kick three goals with 4.49 left on the clock, it's not impossible, but it's incredibly tough.

This next centre clearance crucial.

Charlie snaps through his second, and potentially the sealer

By Chris De Silva

Country Road blares out again all around the Gabba as Charlie Cameron kicks his second of the quarter.

Brisbane's lead out to 23 points with just over seven minutes to go.

It's going to take something special from Adelaide to win from here.

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Walker keeps Crows alive after one-handed grab

By Chris De Silva

What a mark from Taylor Walker!

He's isolated one on one with Ryan Lester and the ball looks like it's going to float over his head, but Walker sticks out his right mit and juggles it.

Walker's set shot cuts Brisbane's lead to 17 points. Still plenty of time left for the Crows.

Cameron goals after costly turnover from Crows

By Chris De Silva

Charlie Cameron gets on the scoreboard in the final quarter with a crucial goal!

A poor kick in the middle of the ground from Elliott Himelberg is chopped off and Zac Bailey sends it inside 50 and finds Cameron, who teases the defender before snapping it through on the left boot.

Brisbane's lead balloons out to 23 points now. 13 minutes left.

Rankine's goal draws Crows closer

By Chris De Silva

Izak Rankine wins a free kick 45m out after Lachie Neale catches him high in a tackle attempt.

Rankine goes back and absolutely NAILS the set shot, and the Lions lead is trimmed to 15 points.

Game on at the Gabba!

Key Event

3QT: Lions in control, but Keays keeps Crows in it

By Chris De Silva

Brisbane takes a 20-point lead into the final change at the Gabba!

The Lions looked to be fully in control when Will Ashcroft's goal put them 26 points ahead, but a late goal from Ben Keays has given the Crows a sniff.

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Keays has four majors tonight.

Brisbane duo Lachie Neale (27 disposals, three goals) and Josh Dunkley (28 disposals, one goal) are the two top-ranked players on the ground.

The two men have also combined for 12 clearances and six tackles.

Ashcroft hits the scoreboard as Lions seize control

By Chris De Silva

Will Ashcroft with a terrific snap under pressure, and the Lions are out to a game-high 26-point lead now.

Brisbane has dominated the last five minutes of this contest after the Crows drew closer.

Some good news for the Lions as Cameron remains out on the ground as well.

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Key Event

Cameron in trouble after awkward landing

By Chris De Silva

Charlie Cameron is in a world of pain after landing awkwardly in a marking contest.

Cameron tracked back to help out in defence and skied high above a pack, but then landed on his neck and he's in the hands of the trainers.

After a short time on the turf, Charlie ambles off the ground.

Crucial 50m penalty burns Crows

By Chris De Silva

Logan Morris puts Brisbane ahead by 20 points in somewhat strange circ*mstances.

Morris has a set shot from 50m out touched by the man on the mark, but the umpires deem that the Crows defender encroached upon the kicker.

Morris wins a 50m penalty and bangs it through from inside the square.

The Lions kick away yet again after the Crows draw closer. It's been the theme of this entire match.

Rayner's brilliant snap gives restores handy break

By Chris De Silva

Brilliant from Cam Rayner!

He gets on the move after a boundary throw-in in the forward pocket and snaps through his third goal of the match in heavy, heavy traffic.

He's had just eight touches today, Rayner, but all eight have been incredibly damaging.

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Crows hanging around at the Gabba

By Chris De Silva

Righto, now that the action at the Docklands is done, another thriller at the Gabba has our full attention.

Brisbane clinging onto an eight-point lead, but Adelaide has kicked the last two goals.

The Crows going absolutely nowhere here against the red-hot Lions.

Key Event

FT: Saints topple Swans in a thriller

By Chris De Silva

Sydney drops two games in a row!

Unbelievable scenes here as the Saints roar home after trailing by 30 points at one stage in the third quarter.

Swans players are distraught at the final siren, and you can't say they didn't have their chances.

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The ball fell to Logan McDonald, who missed a set shot to give his side a win last weekend and he missed again this time around.

An absolutely brilliant win for the Saints, who have had a largely forgettable season in 2024.

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McDonald misses chance to put Sydney ahead

By Chris De Silva

Deja vu for Logan McDonald!

He misses a shot from directly in front from 50m out.

35 seconds to go. St Kilda leading by two points.

Three minutes to go at the Docklands

By Chris De Silva

St Kilda showing some great composure under pressure here as the Swans throw the kitchen sink at them.

The clock is slowly becoming the Saints' friend. Three minutes to go.

There is still only one kick in this. Plenty of time for Sydney.


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Isaac Heeney's Brownlow hopes in strife after high hit as Saints stun ladder-leading Swans (2024)
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