Saints take down Swans as Brownlow fancy Heeney faces nervous wait (2024)


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  • Key points: Saints stun Swans in comeback win
  • Watch: Is Isaac Heeney in trouble?
  • ‘He’s going to serve time’: Mooney on Heeney
  • Huge loss for Saints
  • FT: Melbourne 17.10 (112) d West Coast 8.10 (58)
  • See-through roof and river views: Pictures of Tassie’s new stadium revealed
  • Subs named for Dees v Eagles

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Key points: Saints stun Swans in comeback win

By Andrew Wu

ST KILDA 13.6 (84) d SYDNEY 11.16 (82)

Saints take down Swans as Brownlow fancy Heeney faces nervous wait (1)


Isaac Heeney’s Brownlow hopes hang in the balance after a high fend that left his opponent with a bloodied nose. There did not appear to be much malice in Heeney’s action but a change in the league’s tribunal guidelines will ensure a nervous wait for the match review findings on Monday. Heeney made contact to the face of St Kilda’s Jimmy Webster as he tried to break clear on the lead. Twelve months ago, Heeney could have escaped with a fine with a grading of careless but the league ruled that in instances where a player intends to forcefully push or fend an opponent off the ball the incident shall be graded as intentional rather than careless. That would result in a one-match suspension. A grading of medium impact, which is not improbable given the contact drew blood, and careless conduct could also result in a one-game ban for Heeney.

The Saints have featured in some of the ugliest games this season. This was not one of them. On top of their strong defence, they showed they can also play entertaining, free-flowing football, booting nine of their 13 goals in the second half. Liam Henry is one of their keys. Henry was electrifying early in the season when the Saints were on song, but his side lost their dare while he was out injured. His 14 disposals in the second half were key to the Saints’ revival after half-time. Henry has speed and precise foot skills, which allows the Saints to break the lines instead of having to chip the ball from side to side. Mattaes Phillipou looks to have come back a better player for his stint in the VFL. His 26 possessions and a goal formed a career-best performance, and will give encouragement to Saints fans who have questioned whether he is worthy of being a top-10 pick.

Sydney have hit the staggers. The clear top pick for the past few months, the Swans have now suffered back-to-back losses. This was a game the flag favourites should have won after breaking five goals clear in the third term, but they had no answer when the Saints charged in the second half. The Swans dominated territory but had little clean ball against a Saints outfit that maintained a high level of pressure for much of the game. For the second week in a row, Logan McDonald had the chance to be the hero with a long-range shot at the death. This time his kick strayed to the left. McDonald was the best of the Swans’ tall forwards. Hayden McLean and Joel Amartey had little impact, which put pressure on their midfielders to score. The Swans are still two games and significant percentage clear at the top of the ladder, but their stumbles will fill other premiership contenders with hope.


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That’s all for today

That’s all we have for now.

Thanks so much for joining us today and please keep an eye on our sports websites over the days to come for more AFL coverage. We will be back with more live footy action next weekend.

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Match review from Saturday’s games

The AFL has released the match review findings from Saturday’s matches and there are two sanctions to report. Port Adelaide’s Mitch Georgiades has been offered a one-match ban for striking Nick Coffield, while GWS skipper Toby Greene has been fined for striking Carlton’s Brodie Kemp.

Footy can be a cruel game

For the second week straight, Logan McDonald had the chance to put his team in front at the death. His kick just barely missed against the Saints.

Saints take down Swans as Brownlow fancy Heeney faces nervous wait (2)


‘We thought we’d be able to get a result’: Wilkie

Saints star Callum Wilkie spoke to Channel Seven post game.

I guess you were really good in the first quarter and then in the third quarter, then in the third quarter, then in the last quarter, you were outstanding.

Definitely. We played a lot of football the last month, just haven’t been able to get the result. We knew if we kept at it, be able to keep going. Full credit to the boys and the team. We fought in the second half.

Saints take down Swans as Brownlow fancy Heeney faces nervous wait (3)

Your back six or seven were good. Yourself, 14 marks. You spread it out from the defence and worked it up through the midfield in the second half.

Definitely. That was the plan. Such a good system. We wanted to probably go around a fair bit. I felt like we were able to do that. Pulled it back in the second half and able to get on the scoreboard.

Your tackling pressure was brilliant from the outset. Is that something you spoke about during the week?

Definitely. When we played at the SCG in round 13 last year, it was a pressure game and we were able to get the result. Such a good midfield, the speed they have and we were able to bring the pressure and get heat on the ball. We thought we’d be able to get the result.

FT: St Kilda 13.6 (84) d Sydney 11.16 (82)

The Saints have held on for a memorable win as the Swans showed they may not be the runaway premiership favourite people thought.

Effort plays made all the difference for the Saints from Howard’s diving save for a goal earlier on and a decisive punch from Sharman with just five seconds left that denied a Swans mark.

Saints take down Swans as Brownlow fancy Heeney faces nervous wait (4)

McDonald misses

McDonald could have put the Swans in front from 50m out and he missed his set shot.


Marshall denied a goal

Marshall booted a kick towards goal and it bounced on the line and back out. It would have been a match-sealing goal.

It’s not over yet.

Papley misses shot

Papley is one of the clutch players in the AFL but he has just missed a shot for goal completely and put it out on the full.

Saints lead with four minutes to go.

Saints 84, Swans 81 with four mins to go.

Watch: Is Isaac Heeney in trouble?

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Saints take down Swans as Brownlow fancy Heeney faces nervous wait (2024)
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